Life is like food,

It’s up to you what kind of spice,

You want to add to it,

Or even you do not want to put into it,

It’s up to how to cook it,

Either to have it cooked long enough,

Or short might be okay.

Regardless how you would prepare it,

It’s up to you,

Because it’s yours.

Once it was cooked,

Sometimes, you could add something,

To make it tastes better for you,


Sometimes what was cooked is what has been cooked,

Thus, you need to eat what have you cook.

Are you going to throw it away?

You’ll DIE!!!


You should mind in your mind,

You’ll never cook for yourself forever,

There will be the time,

When you need to share the food,

Are you ready?

Have you got the recipes?

Of what you’re going to cook?

And then share with anyone?

Or you’ll just cook,

The way you have in mind,

Without considering how would it tastes to the person?

If it’s okay,

It would be fine...

If it’s not so okay,

It might be give and take...

If it’s totally bad,

You’re COOKED!!!

If you think you are not ready yet,

Are you not going to share what have you cook?

For how long you have been cooking,

Don’t you want to have anyone else?

To come and have a taste of what you’ve got?

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